Psychoacoustic Soundclash is an evolving soundscape. A soundtrack for daydreamers. If you enjoy a steady diet of drone, noise, and omnibus junk, this podcast is for you.

  • Season 15
  • Episode #1

A slight detour from drumless space. Tracks by The Black Dog, Pan Sonic, Objekt, Borealis, Valerio Tricoli, Fauna, and Chris Whitehead.

  • Season 13
  • Episode #2

Nothing comes from nowhere. Tracks by Cello+Laptop, Geir Jenssen, Harry Bertoia, Coh, nth, Mission Papua Holland, Machinefabriek, Jos Smolders, and Jeremy Bible.

  • Season 12
  • Episode #7

Obsessed with putting piles of dirt on your desire. Tracks by Oneohtrix Point Never, Tarentel, Nurse With Wound, RK Faulhaber, Anthea Caddy & Thembi Soddell, Andy Ortmann & John Wiese, Robert Hampson, and Craig Colorusso.

  • Season 9
  • Episode #4

Self-taught musician Brendan Murray discusses active listening, extended harmonics, and instrumentally blurred drones. This interview originally aired live on KFJC on 4/4/2009.

  • Season 8
  • Episode #51

Every thought, a prison. Every prison, a temple. Tracks by Autechre & The Hafler Trio, K-Group & Omit, David Jackman, Son of Earth, and Jason Crumer.

  • Season 8
  • Episode #8

Composer and filmmaker Phill Niblock discusses minimalism, Experimental Intermedia, and his current work using computers to sample and construct monolithic, microtonal drones. This interview originally aired live on KFJC on 2/23/2008.

  • Season 7
  • Episode #47

Acclaimed sound recordist Chris Watson discusses Cabaret Voltaire, The Hafler Trio, and field recording. This interview originally aired live on KFJC on 11/24/2007.

  • Season 7
  • Episode #29

Sonic provacateur John Duncan discusses shortwave radio, challenging audiences, and breaking taboos. This interview originally aired live on KFJC on 7/21/2007.